(Bloomberg) -- Billionaire investor Bill Ackman suggested that President Donald Trump put Americans back to work with the “biggest infrastructure program of all time.”

In a series of tweets directed at the president, Ackman advocated for the construction of roads, bridges and tunnels. Such outdoor work would allow for social distancing and could be financed with low long-term interest rates, Ackman wrote. He also suggested building costs would be lower due to “lower commodity prices and less competition for labor.”

“You will get unanimous support from Democrats and Republicans and give us hope for the future. Let’s get a good many of our fellow Americans working again in all 50 states while those of us with desk jobs work from home,” Ackman added.

Trump in the past has proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan, but the legislation has not passed during his presidency.

Ackman, the activist investor who runs Pershing Square Capital Management, said last week he had made a “recovery bet” on the economy, investing $2.5 billion in equities.

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