With industry-leading technology, ground-breaking collaborations, and a passion for quality, JWC Corporation is committed to driving the industry forward, while setting the standard for clean, consistent, aeroponically-grown cannabis.

As Nathan Woodworth, President and CEO of JWC Corporation, notes, the company was named after his grandfather, James E. Wagner, and began growing medical cannabis under the MMAR (Medical Marijuana Access Regulations). He explains that cannabis has had a profound impact on his wellbeing, particularly helping soothe his migraines. Now, he believes that quality medicinal cannabis has the potential to help others.



Woodworth says that cannabis is unlike any other crop. To put this into perspective, a tomato has 20-30 terpenes and flavonoids which are the chemicals that give all foods their flavour.  In comparison, it has been shown that cannabis has over 230 terpenes and flavonoids. The smallest difference in how cannabis is grown can cause discrepancies in outcomes, which are significant to the end user. For instance, the THC composition could be higher or lower, depending on how the plant was grown.

In order to keep cannabis growth and cultivation consistent, the company came up with a solution which was using an advanced form of hydroponics; a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. The plant roots hang suspended in the air, and they get misted with a special proprietary nutrient solution mix — this helps maintain the plant at maximum health at all times.

For Woodworth, listing on TSX Venture was pivotal in the company’s growth for two reasons: raising capital and exposure. Being listed on a major exchange gave the company the visibility to make decisions quickly — there is no time to waste.

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