For a second day in a row, Air Canada is experiencing technical difficulties.

The company took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon apologizing for technical issues with its web site, just one day after the company’s computer system went down.

The company confirmed that teh site was back up and running two hours later.

Air Canada’s website and customer centres experienced what the company called an “interruption” on Monday, causing customer check-in difficulties, airport congestion and flight delays at multiple airports.

The company first confirmed the interruption at 9:14 a.m. ET on Monday, giving the all-clear via Twitter just under two hours later. 

The company said Tuesday's issue is unrelated to Monday's in an official statement.

"A small number of Air Canada customers accessing our website may have experienced difficulties today using certain functions, such as web booking or web check-in, due to a random issue related to caching of information," the company said. "The problem is now resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience. Air Canada’s operations were not affected, and the issue is unrelated to the computer-telecommunications issues of March 12."