(Bloomberg) -- An aircraft startup backed by the Dutch government will develop a 80-seater hybrid-electric plane amid a wider push in the aviation industry to decarbonize.

Maeve Aerospace BV has begun work on the M80 aircraft that it claims will have an expected range of 1,482 kilometers (800 nautical miles) and “40% higher energy efficiency.” The company plans for the aircraft to enter into service in 2031, it said Monday. 

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers have been under pressure to decarbonize amid protests and legislative restrictions on growth. Europe is emerging as a test bed for new aviation technologies, propelled by European Union leaders who want to make the bloc’s economy climate neutral by 2050.

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The startup, founded in 2021, says it’s supported by private investors, the Dutch government and the European Investment Council. 

“The aircraft is designed to support the future of the regional aviation market, delivering a decarbonized, low energy solution with regional jet performance and turbo-prop economics,” the company said in an emailed statement.


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