The chairman of Google's parent company says Canada is smart to quadruple down on artificial intelligence.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O) chairman Eric Schmidt calls out Canada specifically in a tweetstorm and lauds its efforts in AI among government, universities, large companies and startups.

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The former Google CEO's social media comments come weeks after Ottawa released its short list of nine superclusters, as part of its strategy to bring together academia and industry to spur innovation in various areas including AI.

It also comes one week after one of Google's sister companies announced it would help build a high-tech neighbourhood on the Toronto Waterfront.

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Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs won the competition to partner with Waterfront Toronto to develop the project as part of the Quayside neighbourhood.

Schmidt says he will be speaking with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next week at its annual Go North technology conference in Toronto.

Here's Schmidt's full Twitter thread: