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(Bloomberg) -- Solana is one of the newer blockchains in crypto, and for a while was positioned by its fans as a challenger to the dominance of Ethereum. Like the Ethereum blockchain, Solana offers NFTs, smart contracts and its own token, SOL. Solana’s developers say their blockchain is a faster and cheaper alternative to existing tech.Solana’s critics, on the other hand, point to frequent outages, downtime, and outright hacks that have plagued the platform. A recent hack in August drained more than 7000 crypto wallets tied to the Solana blockchain.Despite these challenges, interest in Solana remains high. So high, in fact, that there’s now a real-life retail location at a mall in New York City dedicated to the blockchain. It’s called Solana Spaces. Bloomberg reporter Immanual John Milton went to the mall to check it out, and joins this episode to talk about what he found.

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