(Bloomberg) -- Argentina’s chief presidential spokesman resigned Friday as President Alberto Fernandez looks to quell a political crisis with an upcoming cabinet reshuffle. 

Communications Secretary and chief spokesman Juan Pablo Biondi posted an “indeclinable” resignation letter through a Twitter post on Friday evening. Biondi was one of Fernandez’s closest allies and advisers, and participated in top decision-making meetings. 

Fernandez had told a local outlet earlier in the day that he was preparing changes to his cabinet. The changes would seek to damp a political crisis unleashed by a damaging loss in midterm primaries held Sept. 12, which exposed the differences in the ruling coalition. 

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Biondi was singled out Thursday evening in a letter by Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that alleged that he orchestrated media leaks that aimed to hurt her side of the coalition. In the letter, she also blamed Fernandez’s economic policies for leading to the poor vote result. 

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