(Bloomberg) -- Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. is ready to find more acquisition targets as the Super Dry beer brewer seeks to push deeper into the US, Chief Executive Officer Atsushi Katsuki said.

“From next year onwards, we will be in a financial position where large-scale M&As will be possible,” Katsuki said in an interview Thursday. 

Last month, Asahi bought Wisconsin-based Octopi Brewing with the goal of brewing Super Dry in the US for the first time. Introduced in 1987, Super Dry is Japan’s best-selling beer. Although the product has been available in the US for a while now, Katsuki believes it has much more potential in the market. 

“In terms of expanding Super Dry, I think the best scenario would be to acquire a relatively large beer company and expand in North America,” the CEO said. “But we haven’t been able to find a target for that yet.”

The brewer also plans to put more emphasis on its low- and non-alcohol products, with a goal to make the beverages 20% of the total volume by 2030, double the current ratio.

Earlier this week, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced guidelines to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, following warnings from the World Health Organization because “the overall burden of disease and injuries attributable to alcohol consumption remains unacceptably high.”

Katsuki said Asahi’s low- and non-alcohol products would help in those efforts.

“We are in a position where we have to actively promote responsible drinking,” Katsuki said. “We would like to reduce the harm caused by inappropriate drinking so that we and society can be sustainable. It’s also apparent that younger people now tend to prefer these low-alcohol alternatives like our 3.5% Dry Crystal.”

Asahi didn’t disclose how much it paid for Octopi Brewing. The company, with about 200 employees, produces a variety of beverages, including beer and ready-to-drink products.

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