(Bloomberg) -- The North Atlantic could eek out one more storm -- even though hurricane season officially ended last week.

A large swirl of wind and thunderstorms about 800 miles northeast of the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands has a 50% chance of becoming the 15th named storm of the season within the next five days, according to the US National Hurricane Center. The patch rain and gusts is far from land and poses no immediate threat.

If winds strengthen to 39 miles (63 kilometers) an hour, the storm will be named Owen. Named storms have occurred in every month of the year, however they are most common during the six-month hurricane season that runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. Still, some can happen outside the season: 2016’s Hurricane Alex spun up in January.

This year’s Atlantic season produced 14 storms including Hurricane Ian, which caused an estimated $100 billion in losses when it struck Florida in late September, according to Munich Re.

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