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Temur Durrani

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A strike notice has been served to two container trucking companies in British Columbia, further propelling unwanted news about supply chain disruptions, as the province extends a state of emergency to support major flood recovery efforts.

Drivers at Aheer Transportation Ltd. and Prudential Transportation Ltd. — two companies that represent about 10 per cent of container trucks across the Port of Vancouver — will go on strike by Dec. 3, if their employers refuse to accommodate health, dental and insurance benefits.

That’s according to Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union, which has given the companies a 72-hour notice as of late Monday to meet the truck drivers’ demands.

It comes as B.C. is left battered from a climate catastrophe through a series of Pacific storms that have brought torrential rain — destroying major roads, closing down railways and forcing evacuations across multiple communities. 

BNN Bloomberg is awaiting comment from Aheer and Prudential.

In a statement, Unifor’s Western Regional Director Gavin McGarrigle said, "For the sake of stability at Metro Vancouver's busy ports, I hope that the owners of Aheer and Prudential come to their senses."

"Fairness across the sector is not too much to ask,” said McGarrigle.