(Bloomberg) -- Shanghai reported one Covid-19 infection in the community with the rest still occurring within quarantined areas, while Beijing said there was a drop in the number of confirmed cases.

There were 1,487 local asymptomatic Covid infections and 194 local confirmed cases for May 13 in Shanghai, according to a report from CCTV. It also said there was one death, and the reclassification of 140 of the confirmed cases from asymptomatic infections that were reported earlier.

China added 253 locally confirmed cases and 1,726 local asymptomatic Covid infections for May 13. The country reported 2,452 new cases for Thursday. Authorities said severe cases dropped by 13 from the previous day nationwide.

The country’s strict Covid Zero policy sees all positive cases and their close contacts isolated in government quarantine sites. The strategy, which relies on a playbook of closed borders, quarantines, lockdowns and mass testing, is leaving China increasingly isolated as the rest of the world lives with Covid and opens up.

Shanghai officials have said that three consecutive days of zero community transmission is required before they can start to ease restrictions. They aim to achieve that in mid-May, the city’s Vice Mayor Wu Qing said Friday.

Beijing added 32 local confirmed cases and 24 local asymptomatic Covid infections on May 13. The capital reported 50 new cases for Thursday. Officials have denied the city will be locked down amid growing concern the Chinese capital’s response to a persistent outbreak is about to be intensified.

Sichuan province, with the most reported cases after Shanghai, added 90 asymptomatic Covid infections and 3 local confirmed cases. Henan province added seven local confirmed cases and 40 asymptomatic infections.


(Updates to add national and provincial numbers)

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