(Bloomberg) -- President Joe Biden will offer Covid-19 vaccine shipments to all of the nation’s community health centers, adding 2,500 delivery sites in a program aimed at closing the racial gap in inoculations.

The White House will announce Wednesday that 520 more such centers will be eligible to receive vaccine shipments, increasing the total to about 1,470 across the U.S., an official familiar with the plans said, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement.

The 520 new health centers operate more than 2,500 delivery sites, the official said. So far, roughly 70% of community health center vaccinations have been for racial and ethnic minorities. Community health centers typically serve at-risk communities, including people living in poverty. A majority of patients are racial or ethnic minorities.

Biden has stressed the need for equity in the pandemic response, with members of Black and Latino communities more likely to get sick or die from Covid, while so far getting a disproportionately smaller share of vaccines. No state in the U.S. has vaccinated Black people to match the share of their population in that state, data compiled by the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker show.

U.S. vaccinations have steadily climbed as shipments have increased, allowing the Biden administration to expand streams to aim more doses to at-risk communities. Biden has appointed a health equity task force to develop recommendations to narrow the gap. The majority of shots are shipped directly to states, and Biden has said all states will fully open eligibility to adults by April 19.

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