(Bloomberg) -- President Joe Biden plans to nominate Jane Hartley as the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, picking a longtime Democratic donor for one of the most prestigious diplomatic posts. 

Hartley, who served as U.S. ambassador to France during the Obama administration, was a “bundler” for the Biden campaign, soliciting checks from a broad swath of donors. If confirmed, the former Democratic aide and consultant will move into the historic Winfield House, a sprawling 12-acre estate in London’s Regent’s Park.

Biden is announcing Hartley’s pick Wednesday, along with several others, according to the White House. Nominees are subject to Senate confirmation.

Two other top donors -- Elizabeth Bagley and Alan Leventhal -- are among those the president selected to serve as ambassadors. 

Bagley, the widow of R.J. Reynolds tobacco heir Smith Bagley, will be nominated as U.S. envoy to Brazil. Bagley served as the ambassador to Portugal during the Clinton administration, and was a major fundraiser for the Biden campaign.

The president  selected Leventhal, the founder of Beacon Capital Partners, as ambassador to Denmark. 

A career diplomat, Alexander Laskaris, will be nominated to serve as U.S. ambassador to Chad.

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