President Joe Biden says he anticipates that coronavirus vaccines will be delivered to 1 million Americans per day within the next three weeks, and that the medicines should be available to anyone in the nation who wants it by Spring.

Biden added that he thought the nation would soon get to 1.5 million vaccines per day, noting logistical hurdles that have stalled distribution and left many Americans frustrated they can’t get shots.

“I feel confident that by summer we’re going to be well on our way to heading toward herd immunity and increasing the access for people who aren’t on the first on the list,” Biden said Monday after a ceremony to sign an order to boost government spending on American products.

Biden also repeated his warning that the death count from the virus will continue to rise, and defended his administration’s timeline for stopping it.

“It’s beginning to move but I’m confident that we will beat this,” Biden said. “But we will still be talking about this in the summer. We will still be dealing with this issue in the early fall.”