(Bloomberg) -- Kenya’s earnings from black-tea exports surged 31% to a record last year as sales by the world’s largest shipper of the leaves increased, the nation’s tea board said. 

Earnings climbed to 180.57 billion shillings ($1.23 billion) in 2023 as the East African country exported 522.92 million kilograms (1.1 billion pounds) of the leaves, 16% more than a year earlier, the Tea Board of Kenya said in a statement Thursday. 

The unit price climbed 13% to 345.32 shillings after Kenya’s currency weakened against the dollar, according to the state corporation. 

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Kenya exports tea to 92 destinations, with 10 countries including Pakistan, Egypt, and the UK accounting for 83% of the volume bought. 

Pakistan — the biggest buyer at 40% of total volume — increased imports of tea from Kenya by 15% last year to 209.59 million kilograms, the board said. 

The Russia-Ukraine crisis and internal conflict in Sudan have hampered shipments to the UAE, Russia, Sudan and Chad. 

The nation will seek more bilateral agreements to forestall foreign-exchange challenges, according to the board.

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