The @Bitcoin account is back up on Twitter after being suspended Sunday, and the verbal jabs are just as intense.

The account’s anonymous owner supports Bitcoin Cash, a rival coin that split from the largest cryptocurrency last year amid a disagreement over how the network should scale. Some Bitcoin Cash supporters suggest the new coin, which holds a greater number of transactions per block in its blockchain, is the real bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash’s market capitalization is still about 10 times smaller than Bitcoin’s, according to CoinMarketCap.

“From day one, bitcoin was marketed to the world as a fast & cheap global payments network. Now the BTC crowd says that’s wrong and that Bitcoin should be a slow & expensive ‘store-of-value’ not meant to be used as currency,” a post on the resurrected feed said Tuesday. “Who is trying to steal the Bitcoin brand, again?”

An earlier tweet asks why Twitter chief Jack Dorsey, who invested in a company developing Lightning Network technology, disabled the account, and followed that tweet with more posts criticizing the technology, which is aimed at making bitcoin payments faster and cheaper.

The suspension of the @Bitcoin account was another chapter in the fight between the two groups, as one side blamed the move on complaints to Twitter from bitcoin supporters and argued it went against free speech, while the other side cheered.