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We’ve made many improvements to the site to give you easier  access to the stories, companies and trends covered on BNN.

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Part 4: Changes to Market Call

Among the most visited pages on BNN.ca, the Market Call and Market Call Tonight pages have changed slightly with our new web site.

The pages are still easy to find and feature more content than ever before.

Market Call and Market Call Tonight can be found via BNN’s SHOWS page, but now there is a  link directly on our main navigation bar. No matter where you are on the new BNN.ca, Market Call is still only one click away via the site’s main navigation bar.

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Once on the Market Call page itself, there are several shortcuts available within the black navigation bar, including shortcuts to Guest Appearances, Top Picks as well as the Market Call Tonight page.

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There are a few new features to point out: The first of which being a change to how we present video from the show online.

Market Call and Market Call Tonight videos are now presented on a call-by-call basis. Instead of the show being broken down into minutes-long segments between commercial breaks, each individual call is available as its own video, giving you the opportunity to focus on the guests’ views on particular stocks.

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The Top picks and past picks segments will still be presented in their entirety, as will full episodes. The call-by-call videos simply make it easier to focus on stocks of interest. You can also customize which parts of the show you wish to see by adding selected videos to your playlist.

Another change to the Market Call page is the ability to search  Market Call videos by date.

Under the large video player at the top of the Market Call page, you will find a date selector that allows you to scroll through recent episodes and a full calendar that offers many older Market Call videos.

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The right side of main landing page for Market Call also features a small upcoming guests listing as well as full episode videos and the most recent Twitter activity from the show’s official account. All these features are available on the Market Call Tonight page.

The Guest Appearances page functionsin the same way as BNN’s other Guest and Schedule pages, but is specific to the Market Call and Market Call Tonight programs.

On this page you will find a date picker to move forward and back through recent days to see who has appeared or is scheduled to appear on the program.

In addition to guest information and the program’s focus, you will also find links to the guest’s top picks in story form and the full episode video of the guest’s appearance.

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The Guest Picks page displays the top picks for both the Market Call and Market Call Tonight guests for any given broadcast day. The guests’ top picks are clickable, directing you to the stock pages for each pick.

Below the guests’ picks are links to a full written round-up of the day’s top picks as well as a link to the full episode video, similar to the links in the image above.

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Did you find this helpful? Let us know if there are any other features to the new site you’d like explained and we may produce another instalment of BNN.ca 101 to help guide you through the new site.