Welcome to the new BNN.ca.

We’ve made many improvements to our site to provide greater access and more detail to the stories, companies and trends that drive our content.

‘BNN.ca 101’ is here to answer questions about our new layout and help you locate all the great content on our site. Click here for the full collection of BNN.ca 101 tutorials.

Part 7: Navigating the Commodities page

The new COMMODITIES page is designed to act as a one-stop shop for energy and resources news as well as collected video from our popular ‘Commodities’ program.

The site is easy to access from the BNN.ca’s main menu. Simply hover over the ‘NEWS’ link in the main navigation bar and a shortcut to the Commodities page and its various related pages will appear.

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There are several destinations on the Commodities page to get content and information, including energy and resources news, original BNN video, upcoming interviews on the ‘Commodities’ program as well as mining, precious metals, oil, gas and natural resources data.

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The ‘NEWS’ link directs you to a landing page for the latest Commodities stories, allowing an in-depth probe into the trends and topics driving BNN’s ongoing broadcast coverage.

The ‘SHOW’ link directs you to the latest video from BNN’s daily ‘Commodities’ program, focused on continuing trends within various commodities sectors and interviews with top investors, analysts and CEOs.

These clips are also available in a video player off to the side of the news page and, as always, can be added to a personalized playlist.

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Clicking ‘GUESTS’ directs you to a listing of upcoming and past interviews scheduled for the ‘Commodities’ program. A sliding bar above the guest list allows you to select past and future dates for interviews on the program. This information is also available on all BNN.ca guest listings locations. 

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The ‘ENERGY’ and ‘MINING’ tabs lead to data on commodity prices as well as the key stocks driving the respective sectors.

Atop the ENERGY sector page, you will find the latest futures contracts for crude oil, natural gas and more. Immediately below are the latest numbers from the TSX Energy sector, followed by the top gainers and losers by both net and percentage.

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The MINING page features similar data, instead focusing on the metals and mining sectors and stocks. The top of the page features the latest futures contracts for gold, silver copper and more, followed by the TSX Mining Digest and the sector’s biggest net and percentage-based gainers and losers.

Did you find this helpful? Let us know if there are any other features to the new site you’d like explained and we may produce another instalment of BNN 101 to help guide you through the new site.