Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall isn't toning down his frustration over TransCanada's decision to pull the plug on Energy East, calling on the rest of the country – and the federal government in particular – to rally behind Canada's oil patch.

"I think strong language is needed right now to get the attention of all of Canada that we should be valuing this sector and that we need a federal government that values the energy sector," Wall told BNN in an interview Wednesday.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has faced an onslaught of criticism since TransCanada yanked the proposal for its controversial pipeline project last week. Most prominently, Wall warned on national unity, prompting the prime minister to argue against "stoking national divisions."  

On Wednesday, Wall was adamant his initial statement shouldn't be interpreted as a call for secession.

"The bottom line is Western Canadians and Saskatchewan people are proud to contribute, proud of this country. We want, and we hope, that we have a federal government that would champion the things that we do, that would value the things that we do economically," he told BNN.

"And one step further, that [the federal government] would facilitate that, that they would make it easier for us to sell our goods around the world to get the best value that we possibly can so that we can continue to support the country through direct economic opportunities like jobs and also through transfer payments."