Brazil rejected 20 million euros in emergency funds to fight Amazon fires that had been offered by French President Emmanuel Macron on behalf of Group of Seven countries.

The money, part of a G7 plan to put out the fires and then protect the rainforest, is a threat to Brazil’s sovereignty, President Jair Bolsonaro told reporters on Tuesday. He added that Macron would have to “take back the insults made against me” before any discussion about aid to the Amazon.

In an irate response to a remark made by Bolsonaro on social media, Macron on Monday said he hoped “Brazilians would soon have a president worthy of them.” He was referring to a sarcastic comment made by the Brazilian president on a Facebook post that mocked the French first lady’s physical appearance.

Asked about his post, Bolsonaro got angry and finished the interview.

Earlier, Brazil’s Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo called the French-led initiative on the Amazon“redundant” and accused the international community of failing to fulfill previous pledges of funding for the region agreed with the United Nations.

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