OTTAWA -- International Development Minister Karina Gould says Canada will put $790 million toward vaccinating the world's more vulnerable populations through the Global Alliance for Vaccine Innovation.

The funding will also support the global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, if an effective one is discovered.

Gould has promised $600 million over four years to help GAVI provide routine immunizations to children all over the world, and administer a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

It is Canada's biggest-ever pledge to GAVI, $100 million more than a multi-year promise in 2016.

Gould also pledged $190 million over four years to support GAVI's strategy to eradicate polio.

In a press release, Gould says COVID-19 has demonstrated that viruses don't know borders and Canada's health-care system relies on the health of people all over the globe.