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Wildfires are burning across Nova Scotia. More than 16,400 people have had to flee their homes but so far there have been no injuries reported, according to the Halifax Regional Municipality website. While an exact count hasn’t been completed, officials estimate at least 200 structures have been damaged, the agency said. About 170 fire fighters are battling the blazes and two air tankers are en route from Newfoundland.Smoke from the fires is blowing south and this could lead to hazy conditions across New York City later today, the National Weather Service said. Boston, eastern Massachusetts and much of Long Island could also be affected.

Meanwhile, it’s lightning season across the Northern Hemisphere. From 2006 to 2022, 466 people were struck and killed by bolts, according to John Jensenius, lightning safety specialist with the National Lightning Safety Council. Fishing ranks on top of the council’s “deadly dozen” activities that contributed to lightning fatalities in the US over that period. Soccer and golf were in a tie for 12th place with 13 deaths each.Jensenius said the safest bet is to always take risk seriously and react early. “Many people wait far too long when thunderstorms are developing or approaching, and that leaves them in a dangerous and potentially deadly situation,’’ he said.

In other weather news today:

China: Torrential rains have hit China’s wheat fields at harvest time, leaving crops waterlogged and moldy in the country’s top producing province.

Singapore: El Niño will likely increase the risk of transboundary haze in Singapore, according to the national weather office, saying the public should ensure they have sufficient face masks and air purifiers.

India: Some areas, including Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, are expected to have rains, hailstorms and gusty winds in the next few days, according to the India Meteorological Department.

Europe: Colder-than-average temperatures are forecast across the Nordic region this week, while near-normal levels are expected across much of central Europe, according to forecaster Maxar Technologies.

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