Steam Whistle seeking pot partner for retail, brand expansion

Steam Whistle Brewing, one of the country's largest independent craft brewers, is engaged in active discussions with several cannabis producers for a possible investment or joint venture with the company, BNN Bloomberg’s David George-Cosh reported. Andy Burgess, president of the craft brewery, said discussions with the potential pot partner have included the possibility of producing cannabis-infused beverages, opening a pot shop at Toronto’s Roundhouse Park, and launching a Steam Whistle brand of cannabis.

Food and drink makers may pause in pot play

The trailblazers in consumer goods that have been exploring the marijuana market have mostly been beer, wine and spirits giants. And so far, major food and soft-drink companies are currently sitting on the sidelines, Bloomberg’s Sarah Halzack says. Right now, in legal cannabis jurisdictions, smoking and vaping appear to be the most popular forms of cannabis use with edible use behind. Halzack argues that packaged-food companies should focus on their turnaround prospects rather than enter the cannabis space at this time.

Massachusetts town to open pot shop

Northampton, a small town in Massachusetts, is set to be America’s first legal recreational marijuana store east of Colorado, reports the Associated Press. The store will feature pot products ranging from pre-rolled joints to cannabis-infused edibles, creams, lotions and cooking oils. The initial openings come two full years after Massachusetts residents backed legalization and the state is projected to see sales of at least US$1.8 billion.

Tech companies flock to cannabis for cash grab

The cannabis boom is also leading to a wave of tech companies benefiting from the Oct. 17 legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, The Canadian Press reports. There are already several tech companies that have made headway in the cannabis space including Toronto start-up Strainprint Technologies and Ottawa-based Shopify, which powers provincial and private marijuana e-commerce offerings, and cannabis companies like Lift & Co.

Flying with pot? It’s a challenge in some U.S. states

With pot legal in Canada and now 10 U.S. states, some travellers are finding carrying cannabis on their person while flying domestically a complex and often perplexing challenge. Bloomberg reports that airports in Denver, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, don’t allow pot on the premises — but LA’s airport now allows customers aged 21 and over to bring marijuana on flights within the state. Airport official admit that they have to deal with passengers who drink alcohol, who are often more aggressive than those who come in stoned.


“That's the real home run.” 
– Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld on seeking a global partner for its cannabis-infused beverage plans


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