Canopy Growth chief executive Bruce Linton is praising the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation’s latest recommendations on recreational marijuana.

In an interview on BNN, Linton said the recommendations are a positive development for Canada’s nascent cannabis industry, and if enacted by Ottawa will cut into the black-market trade.

“I think the whole supply chain they described, the dosage, the structures, the role of the provinces, pretty much it’s all we had expected and hoped,” he said.

Linton said he’s confident price won’t be the only determining factor for buyers, as the ability to trace the origin and contents of the product play into consumer behavior.

“There’s a lot of things we can buy illegally that may or may not be what we want to own,” he said “I think a lot of folks would like legal, they’d like supply-chain certainty [or what’s in it] and what’s not in it. When advertised to be a certain strength or a certain type, that in fact it is. So yes, price has to be competitive, but we’re not talking equal items.”

Linton said he thinks the edibles market should see strong growth, as not all cannabis consumers are inclined to smoke.

“In Canada, our programs to get people to quit smoking have been certainly a lot more pronounced [than the U.S.], so I think we’re going to see a lot of people who will seek a product which is not inhaled in terms of smoke,” he said.

Linton said he isn’t overly concerned with the task force’s recommendation packaging should be generic, offering only basic information to consumers.

“You probably will find even with plain packets, you actually have the name of the producer of the product,” he said. “It probably won’t have hippy-dippy logos splashed everywhere.”