Self-driving cars, fitness trackers, and flying drones were in the spotlight at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. But the companies getting the most buzz here in Las Vegas are those blazing their own trail in those areas. 

The flying car is still coming -- if the Chinese have anything to say about it. eHang's 184 is a car-sized drone that aims to make your commute to work a breeze.

The fully autonomous flying vehicle tops-out at 100 km/h, ascends to 3,000 metres, and runs 25 minutes on a single battery charge. The eHang 184 is applying the lessons learned from autonomous cars. You don't need a pilot's license: there are no user-operated controls, aside from an iPad style screen for entering your destination. Safety is the biggest issue holding back the release of the vehicle.

The company predicts it will be able to get FAA approval in the United States and a government green light in China by the end of 2019. Once the 184 is cleared for take-off, your wallet will take a hit: it's expected to be priced at US$300,000.

Poof offered a Fitbit for your four-legged friend. The activity tracker monitors your cat or dog with a small amulet that attaches to any standard pet collar.

Not only does it monitor active time, but resting time, as well. Over time, Poof will get to know the regular routine of your pet and alert you if there's been a change. Is kitty sleeping more than usual? It might be a sign of a health issue. Is Fido bouncing off the walls once you leave? Maybe it's time to get a dog walker.

Using the companion app, Poof will recommend a daily pet food intake, and adjust the recommended consumption levels based on changes in your furry companion's lifestyle. The rechargeable model will run about $50, while the model that requires an annual watch batter replacement will cost $40.

While most drones focus on taking to the skies, PowerVision has turned its attention to the deep blue sea. Its underwater drone finds the fish for you.

The Power Ray 4K camera feeds the video back through a 100 foot tether (since water blocks WiFi and Bluetooth signals) and combines with a sonar sensor so you know where to drop your fishing line. The sensor is removable and can float on the surface for an enhanced view around the boat.

The underwater drone will be available in time for the 2017 fishing season -- with pricing in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. That's a lot of fish.