(Bloomberg) -- A former intern at China’s state television broadcaster lost her appeal after a court in Beijing dismissed her sexual harassment lawsuit.

Zhou Xiaoxuan, 29, claimed China Central Television host Zhu Jun sexually harassed her in 2014. A court dismissed her case in September, and on Wednesday Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court upheld the verdict, saying the plaintiff’s evidence was insufficient to prove her case. 

“The pain of women in similar situations needs to be seen,” Zhou said in statement to the court on Wednesday. “I hope that the next litigant who comes to this courtroom will gain more understanding from others. I believe that telling my story at this moment is meaningful.”

Zhou couldn’t be reached for comment through her lawyer. 

Women in China face a raft of challenges when turning to the legal system to adjudicate accusations of sexual misconduct by men. The nation’s courts give little weight to testimony in general, making it difficult for women whose cases depend on witness statements and credibility. 

State media hasn’t reported widely on the case, and Zhou said previously her social media accounts have been suspended. In limited online discussion of the case, support for Zhou has been mixed with accusations of a smear campaign against the defendant.

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