(Bloomberg) -- China reported more than 2,000 new coronavirus infections for a fourth day as outbreaks flare across the country and put increasing strain on its Covid Zero strategy.

Nationwide, there were 2,368 cases for Monday, near the highest since May. More than half the infections come from the tropical island of Hainan, where an outbreak has stranded more than 150,000 tourists who have faced lockdowns, frequent testing and a dearth of flights. 

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China’s daily case tally may also have been boosted by a change in reporting standards in Tibet, which is struggling to contain its biggest ever Covid flareup. The region’s expanse and sparse population risked causing delays to the verification process, so officials now treat all preliminary positive test results as confirmed in order to immediately isolate affected people. The region reported 655 cases for Monday, up from 592 the day before.

Elsewhere, Xinjiang reported 317 cases, Shanghai had three new local cases and Beijing detected four infections.

The rising number of infections underscores the challenge China faces in sticking with its Covid Zero approach as more infectious subvariants slip through some of the world’s toughest defenses. Despite the repeated flareups and the social and economic toll, President Xi Jinping remains committed to the policy, saying the nation won’t pursue “herd immunity” like other countries.

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