(Bloomberg) -- China has announced plans to improve protection of intellectual property, including boosting compensation for losses resulting from violations, addressing a broad area area where it often comes into conflict with the U.S.

The guidelines would also accelerate legislation covering big data, artificial intelligence and gene technology, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday, citing the ruling Communist Party and the State Council, the Asian’s nation’s cabinet.

The plans -- amounting to a broad outline for policies and laws to be fleshed out later by government ministries and the legislature -- would also seek to push for negotiations on IP-related issues with other nations.

The Biden administration has pledged to work with its allies to confront Beijing on a range of issues including intellectual property rights, though few specifics have been worked out. Washington often accuses Beijing of hacking to gain IP from fields including industry, high-tech research and higher education, though China counters by saying it is a victim of such activity.

In January, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on officials to step up protection of IP rights, saying the issue was part of “national strategy.” Protecting IP was key to the China’s opening, national security and quality development, Xinhua reported at the time, citing an article by Xi.

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