(Bloomberg) -- BMW AG was named at an annual show airing consumer complaints about technical issues and shoddy services, just as legacy automakers fight intense competition from local rivals. 

The televised program — called the “315 Gala” that runs on World’s Consumer Rights Day every year — criticized the German automaker for technical defects on its BMW 530Li, according to the broadcast on China Central Television Friday. The premium sedan is specifically designed for the Chinese market.

Consumers filed persistent complaints against abnormal sounds from the model’s propeller shaft, the broadcaster said. The company and local dealers didn’t provide satisfying solutions to the issue which incurred both safety concerns and potential harm to the residential value of the car, it said. 

The name-and-shame show aims to uncover unfair company practices in a nation of 1.4 billion consumers and is closely watched by foreign companies. Besides being a public relations headache, the program has also sparked regulatory investigations and public apologies from executives in past years, including Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Jaguar Land Rover’s parent, Tata Motors Ltd.

BMW responded on its official Weibo account - the equivalent of X in China - that it has made technical checks on the reported issue to ensure it doesn’t affect driving safety. The company is further analysing the problem to give a “satisfying response” to consumers, it said, and apologized for the inconvenience. 

While the 315 gala touts itself as a watchdog for consumer interests, it’s also seen as a yardstick for greater scrutiny or displeasure from the Chinese government.

BMW sold almost 825,000 BMW and Mini vehicles in China last year, accounting for almost a third of global deliveries. Even as deliveries rose, international automakers including BMW are losing market share to local manufacturers such as BYD Co.

The show’s public impact has weakened in recent years with few major brands targeted. Younger Chinese consumers are also more likely to air their grievances on social media in real time, instead of relying on a once-a-year program.

The key theme for this year’s show is to “build integrity and safety,” focusing on areas including food safety, finance security and online data fraud.

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