(Bloomberg) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the government will continue efforts to stabilize commodity prices using a variety of measures, state news agency Xinhua reported. 

The government will put special emphasis on the use of market instruments, Li said on a visit to Guangxi Province in southern China. Macro-level policies should be calibrated precisely to the requirements of local business, especially during times of economic uncertainty, he added.

Here are some other points that Li made during the visit:

  • Reform and opening-up has played a key role in boosting the economy. China will open further to the global economy to ensure a more stable industrial supply chain.
  • Guangxi can take advantage of both its location and the rules of the RCEP Asia-Pacific economic partnership to deepen its ties with other RCEP member countries.
  • The private sector is indispensable to a dynamic economy and the state will continue to deepen reforms to strengthen the business environment for private enterprises.

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