(Bloomberg) -- Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was pranked into making a negative ad. And President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa led to several attendees receiving medical treatment for the heat.

There are four days until Election Day and 45 days until the Electoral College meets.

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Christie Pranked Into Making Negative Ad for GOP Candidate

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie unwittingly became the star of a video attacking the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Montana.

Like other former politicians such as Illinois ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich, Christie joined the service Cameo, which lets users pay celebrities to record short videos, typically for something like a surprise birthday gift for friends or family.

But in one recent case, the user who requested a video was actually working for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Montana, Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney. The campaign paid Christie $200 to record a video asking a man named Greg -- actually Republican candidate Greg Gianforte -- to “come back” to New Jersey.

Cooney then posted the short video on Twitter as a “special message” for Gianforte.​

​Christie then took to Twitter to note that he actually supports Gianforte’s campaign and joined Cameo to benefit a New Jersey charity that treats pregnant women with addiction problems.

Trump Rally-Goers in Tampa Treated for Heat

The day after Trump rally attendees were treated for exposure to freezing temperatures in Omaha, other Trump supporters were treated for heat exposure in Tampa.

After a crowded rally outside the Raymond James Stadium Thursday, at least a dozen rally-goers were taken to the hospital, with one fainting and one having a seizure, according to NBC News.

Trump spoke for around an hour at the event, but many in the audience had already waited for hours in steamy 86 degree weather.

Meanwhile, two attendees of Trump’s Oct. 21 rally in Gastonia, North Carolina, tested positive for Covid-19, while Minnesota health officials have traced at least 23 cases to Trump and Pence rallies in Minnesota in September.

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Biden will travel to Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin on Friday.

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