Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is getting its first new chief executive officer in 15 years as Daniel Lamarre makes way for Chief Operating Officer Stephane Lefebvre in the midst of renewed pandemic uncertainties. 

Lefebvre, a corporate finance veteran who’s also worked at CAE Inc., will spearhead the reopening of Cirque’s touring shows just as the omicron variant sends governments scrambling for new restrictions. He said the company has become nimble in handling such roadblocks. 

“Cirque du Soleil, as many companies in live entertainment, will need to constantly adjust to different pandemics in months and years to come,” he said in an interview at the Montreal head office. “Our touring plans are very frequently revised.”

The company, which emerged from court protection with new owners last year, is in a “very good” financial situation, Lefebvre said during a news conference. Permanent shows, including in Las Vegas, are now running, but most touring shows have yet to reopen over the next few months. 

Lamarre, who first joined the company in 2001, will stay on as executive vice-chairman.