Citigroup Inc. will offer employees discounts on test preparation and tutoring services as many workers remain at home with children at the start of the new school year.

The lender can also now help workers find an educational caregiver to supervise their children’s online learning, Sara Wechter, the bank’s head of human resources, said on LinkedIn. If employees decide to try small-group learning at home, it can also help them find families and educators to join their pod.

“I can’t believe it’s already time for back to school,” Wechter said in the post. “I know that I’m not alone feeling some anxiety around balancing work and my children’s education.”

The world’s largest employers have been grappling with how to help workers who remain at home to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. This fall, many employees will split daylight hours between doing their jobs and helping their children with school work as districts across the country stick with remote learning -- so any aid companies provide may also help their own productivity.

Bank of America Corp. this week said it’s extending backup childcare payments for workers with children as old as 12. Eligible employees can get daily childcare reimbursements of US$75 or US$100, depending on their compensation, while they’re working from home or in the office through Dec. 31.