(Bloomberg) -- House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle rejected a Scottish National Party call for a fresh vote on a cease-fire in Gaza, risking further tensions with the chamber’s third-biggest party following chaotic scenes in Parliament last week.

In a statement on Monday, Hoyle said he would not grant the SNP’s request for an emergency debate because the government was set to give a statement on the matter on Tuesday which will be followed by questions. 

The decision threatens to exacerbate relations between the politically neutral speaker and the SNP, most of whose MPs have already indicated they’ve lost confidence in his chairmanship. Hoyle last week offered an emergency debate to help make amends for the Commons’s failure to vote on a motion put forward by the party on Wednesday.

“How can MPs have any trust in the Speaker when he makes a public commitment one minute, only to rip it up the next,” the SNP’s Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, said on Monday in an emailed statement. “If 30,000 dead Palestinians aren’t worthy of an emergency debate - what is?”

More than 75 mostly Tory and SNP Members of Parliament had signed a motion declaring no confidence in the Speaker as of Monday afternoon — including 33 of the 43 SNP MPs. 

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The chaos was triggered when Hoyle allowed Keir Starmer’s Labour Party — of which he was a member before becoming speaker — to propose changes to the SNP’s call for a cease-fire in Gaza, despite Wednesday being allotted to the Scottish party as an “opposition day.” 

Hoyle has apologized and said the safety of MPs was at the top of his mind when making the decision, amid fears in Labour that protests and abuse toward lawmakers would increase if the party wasn’t able to make its own position clear on a cease-fire.

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