• A weekend of one-on-one “speed dating” meetings and networking events
  • The Muskoka Capital Investment Conference introduced the “Investor Breakout Session,” that allowed investors to discuss different concepts they gathered from their meetings that day
  • The conference encouraged investors and CEOs to work collaboratively together to develop valuable, lasting relationships

The Muskoka Capital Investment Conference recently took place between September 27-29, 2019, at the JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa. This event was all about a weekend of one-on-one “speed dating” meetings, networking, and golf or fishing to connect growth-stage companies with investment professionals. The sectors represented over the weekend included resources, technology, biotech, and special situations.

Through their conferences, Capital Event Management aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem, where strong relationships form, allowing CEOs and investors to connect directly. They help link emerging issuers and private companies with top finance professionals that can contribute market and financial advice, which would otherwise be much harder to do without a formal introduction.

Conference highlights

According to Neil Currie, Managing Partner and Founder of Capital Event Management, the highlight of the conference was the launch of their “Investor Breakout Session,” which takes place at the end of “Meetings Day.” He explains, “This session is hosted by Ryan Iverson, VP Investments and Trading at Capital Event Management and myself, where we allow investors to get together and discuss some of the great ideas that they got from their meetings with other companies.”

This concept gained popularity among investors, who wanted to share their unique insights with one another in a collaborative environment. Further, because of the positive feedback received from this approach, the session will be added to each of their conferences moving forward. Future attendees can look forward to engaging with like-minded individuals to gain insight and share knowledge. 

Sectors that investors can be excited about

Moving forward, Currie notes he is excited about diversity. The market can be challenging to navigate due to how diverse and unpredictable it is, making it hard to identify the fastest-growing industries.

Moreover, Currie also explains that because a considerable amount of the market is discounted for, it is essential to keep an open mind. “There is so much good undervalued product out there, and it has made my investment approach fully agnostic.” 

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Neil Currie, Managing Partner and Founder of Capital Event Management is excited about the diversity that these conferences bring.

Lastly, he mentions his support for both business fundamentals and the management teams, as these are essential for long-term success and stability. It is crucial to think through how CEOs lead, motivate and inspire their team as this can impact the overall nature of a company.

What’s next?

Currie articulates that the focus and vision of these conferences haven’t changed since the first conference back in 2011. He affirms his favourite aspect of hosting these events is the relationship building. “It is in our nature, and we live for the euphoric feeling of bringing all these high-level financiers and executives together seven times a year.”

Capital Event Management has one more conference for 2019, taking place in Florida, November 21-23. This conference will introduce growth-stage companies in resources, technology, biotech, and special situations to top-level capital finance individuals who will offer support and meaningful investment opportunities.

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