(Bloomberg) -- The Cook Political Report adjusted its ratings on nine governor races this morning, saying that eight of those shifts were in favor of the Republican Party.

The sole shift in favor of the Democrats made by the independent non-partisan newsletter was the New York governor’s race that went from ‘Likely Democratic’ to ‘Solidly Democratic.’

The Iowa and South Carolina races were changed from ‘Likely Republican’ to ‘Solid Republican’ while the Oregon and New Mexico races were changed from ‘Solid Democratic’ to ‘Likely Democratic.’ Maine went from ‘Likely Democratic’ to ‘Leans Democratic’ while the Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin races were shifted to ‘Toss Up’ from ‘Leans Democratic.’ 

On Thursday, The Cook Political Report shifted the Massachusetts governor race from ‘Solid Republican’ to ‘Leans Democratic’ while also changing the Georgia governor race to ‘Toss Up’ from ‘Leans Republican.’

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