(Bloomberg) -- The European Court of Human Rights late Friday denied Russia’s request to apply interim measures over alleged violations of human rights conventions by Ukraine, according to the court’s website.

Russia on Thursday demanded the court take measures in accordance with Article 39 of its rules. After Friday’s move, the application will be considered at a later date.

Russia is seeking to make Ukrainian authorities abolish restrictions on the use by the country’s Russian-speaking population of their native language in schools as well as in the media and on the internet, and to end what Russia called a water blockade of Crimea.

The court said the situation as described by Russia doesn’t involve the risk of causing irreparable damage.

In the complaint filed to the Strasbourg, France, based court, Moscow accuses Ukraine of causing civilian deaths and of illegal detentions and mistreatment -- including during protests in Kyiv and Odessa in 2014. Further, it claims Ukraine was responsible for the 2014 downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 as it failed to close its airspace.

Russia also claims Ukraine suppresses freedom of speech and dissent, and discriminates against its Russian-speaking population and Russian businesses; charges Ukraine with causing injuries and property damage with shelling in border areas; and alleges Ukraine deprives Crimea of water by cutting off the flow of the Northern Crimean Canal.

NOTE: Russia Files Complaint Against Ukraine in EU Human Rights Court

Kyiv has repeatedly denied similar allegations from Russia in the past.

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