(Bloomberg) -- Credit Suisse Group AG employees have been told to expect to return to work in four phases from work-at-home arrangements implemented because of the coronavirus.

The first phase will allow a very limited number of essential staff to return to offices, and phase two will see additional employees returning in alternating groups, according to a memo from the bank’s executive leadership seen by Bloomberg News. In phase three, more people will return while the split model arrangement is still in place, while phase four will allow for a full return and resumption of all services.

“We anticipate that in the first weeks and months, many of us will either continue to work from home or in split operations,” the bank said in the memo.

Switzerland’s second-largest bank said regional management together with crisis managers in each region will decide when to move between phases. The bank did not say when employees would begin returning to work. A bank spokesman declined to comment.

Banks across the world are telling employees to expect further weeks and months away from their desks. UBS officials are telling New York City employees not to expect a return to work until June at the earliest and possibly well into the summer.

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