(Bloomberg) -- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was aware that his administration arranged for members of his family to get Covid-19 tests during a period when availability for the public was scarce.

“I was not involved in the testing program to that intimate level,” Cuomo said Wednesday in response to a reporter’s question. “People who I would meet with and I would be in exposure with, I was aware they were being tested. So if you came to see me in my office you would be tested, and that would apply to my family also.”

The special access to Covid-19 tests, reported by the New York Times, is part of the state Assembly’s impeachment investigation of Cuomo. The third-term governor also is being probed over sexual-harassment investigations, as well as his administration’s handling of Covid-19 deaths of nursing-home residents.

Cuomo on Wednesday said he didn’t want to say more on the testing issue because of the pending investigation.

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