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A UK daily tabloid apologized after wrongly stating that the picture of a Bank of America executive on the newspaper’s website was an image of Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. Both men are Black.

The Daily Mirror’s apology came after the recently appointed chancellor himself spotted the error, saying he wasn’t the man in the photo in a tweet sent from his official account on Saturday. The man has been identified as Bernard Mensah, BofA’s London-based President of International and a member of the bank’s executive management team.

Kwarteng is Britain’s first Black chancellor and the first Black person to serve in one of the country’s four Great Offices of State. 

The Daily Mirror responded in a tweet saying it was a “terrible error” and added that “the Mirror has a long history of working against racism and we will redouble our efforts on this.” Its article was also updated with a picture of the chancellor.

The Daily Mirror, a left-leaning publication, has been highly critical of the fiscal policies outlined by Kwarteng and his Prime Minister Liz Truss.

(Adds identity of person in second paragraph)

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