(Bloomberg) -- This week’s arrival of more than 100 migrants and refugees in Denver from the southern border was coordinated informally on social media by the migrants themselves and the influx is expected to continue, city officials said Thursday. 

“This does not appear to be anything that was organized by another government entity to direct people specifically to Denver,” Evan Dreyer, deputy chief of staff for Mayor Michael B. Hancock, said at a news conference. “I want to make that clear.”

Republican governors from border states sent thousands of migrants to New York City, Chicago and other so-called sanctuary cities earlier this year.

Hailing from Central America and South America — including Venezuela — the men, women and children now in Colorado’s capital city arrived mainly by bus at Denver Union Station and sought help at a homeless shelter, Dreyer said. 

As of Thursday, 120 were housed at a special emergency shelter and about 20 more were anticipated to arrive Thursday, he said.

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