(Bloomberg) -- Denver opened an emergency shelter for 100 migrants who arrived overnight from the southern border, the city’s Office of Emergency Management said Wednesday.

Officials didn’t disclose their embarkation point, the location of the shelter or whether the migrants’ arrival was anticipated. 

“We will never turn away from anyone looking to achieve a better life for themselves or their loved ones,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said on Twitter. The mayor described the migrants as “asylum-seekers and refugees.”

Earlier this year, Republican governors from border states sent thousands of migrants to New York City, Chicago and other “sanctuary” cities, forcing municipal agencies to open tent shelters. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tried to put pressure on President Joe Biden’s administration to help alleviate the impacts from a surge in border crossings.

Denver’s latest arrivals follow asylum seekers who crossed the border from Mexico several weeks ago, the Denver Gazette reported. In 2019, the city accepted three buses of migrants during a crisis at the southern border, the Gazette said.

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