• Desert Mountain is a forward-looking resource company actively engaged in the exploration and development of helium and noble gas properties in the U.S. Southwest
  • Currently, the company holds +100,000 acres of land in Arizona, the world’s best address for helium

As a winner in this year's Venture 50, Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (TSXV:DME) is blazing a trail as North America's emerging zero-carbon helium producer, dedicated to exploring and developing resources of helium, oil, and natural gas in the Western United States and Canada and advancing the cause of energy independence.

The global helium market has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it is expected to continue its upward trajectory to $18.18 billion by 2025. Desert Mountain Energy strives to develop large-scale projects to extract helium deposits that are currently trapped within the earth.

Highlights from the company’s McCauley Helium Processing Facility (MHPF):

  • Through-put ranges between a minimum of 300 mcf to 10.5 mmcf
  • Designed to handle any helium produced in conjunction with hydrogen
  • Can process helium with grades running from 0.03% to 11%
  • The MHPF will initially be powered by compressed natural gas generators, later transitioning to solar power

To summarize, Desert Mountain is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming a major player in North America's energy independence. The company's strategic focus on exploring and developing helium, oil, and natural gas resources in key areas, combined with its unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, presents an enticing investment opportunity for those seeking to be part of a business that is pushing the boundaries of energy independence in North America.

To learn more about Desert Mountain Energy Corp., visit their website here.

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