(Bloomberg) -- European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde began a speech in Paris by explaining that she couldn’t appear in person after testing positive for Covid-19 on Saturday. 

Speaking by video, she told students that she decided not to attend in order to safeguard everyone’s health. 

The remarks are some of the last that Lagarde can deliver before a pre-decision blackout period in advance of the Dec. 14 policy meeting in Frankfurt. 

In her speech, she said that so-called supranational organizations fostering economic growth and globalization face an increasingly tougher environment.

“Supranational governance is under threat from all sides, as various groups seek to bend it to their own interests,” she said. “This is a sign of our times: fragmentation of the global order, gridlock in many international fora, the emergence of populist parties and groups of states coming together to forge new agreements better suited to their interests.”

Read the full speech here.  

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