(Bloomberg) -- England’s most expensive home costs 183 times -- or £4.7 million ($5.75 million) -- more than a property in the cheapest area.

The figures released by the Office for National Statistics on Wednesday underscore the vast difference in prices between the top end of the market and the bottom. 

In the Campden district of Kensington and Chelsea in central London, the median price was £4.76 million last year. 

That amount of money would buy many homes in the cheapest areas -- one each in the 89 most affordable districts in England. The lowest priced across those almost 35,000 places was in Sunderland, where the median price was just £26,000. 

Across the whole of the UK, house prices surged 12.4% in the year to April, boosting the average price at a record £281,000. That’s £31,000 higher than a year ago.

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