It’s a great time for being an entrepreneur, especially in Canada. While the country does have high taxes, the government has implemented a host of policies, such as fast-track visas and grants, directed at helping startups grow. This approach has brought in more developers from overseas, as well as more talent from across the globe.



The normal strategy for many startups is to build, grow, and monetize, but Erin Bury, Managing Director at Eighty-Eight, explains why an exit strategy is critical too. While the prospect of being bought out can be enticing, this can also be a mistake.

When companies list on the public market, entrepreneurs have more ownership of their company’s journey, and have more capacity to make money in the long term. They also have the opportunity to continue building their company in the direction that they want, instead of the direction of an acquirer. While public companies still have an obligation to their shareholders, in the end these shareholders are rooting for the ultimate success of the company.

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