(Bloomberg) -- The European Union has proposed a fresh round of sweeping sanctions targeting Belarus for its role in supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to documents seen by Bloomberg.

The proposed measures would align Minsk to many of the sanction packages the EU has previously imposed on Russia, including restrictions on key technologies and the country’s energy sector.

Russia used Belarus as a launchpad to attack Ukraine last February, and Russian troops and equipment continue to be stationed in the country. Russia has also targeted Ukraine with missiles fired from Belarus and the two countries’ forces regularly conduct joint training exercises.

The proposed measures include:

  • Export bans on dual-use goods and technologies used for military purposes and that could enhance the nation’s industrial capacity
  • Sanctions on oil, coal, steel products and gold
  • Trade restrictions on luxury goods, investments and the provision of certain services
  • Measures that would hit the nation’s aviation and energy sectors and key sources of revenue

Similarly to the sanctions introduced on Russia, the proposals include exemptions for medicines, agricultural and food products, as well as allowances for related financial transactions involving sanctioned individuals. The legislation would also allow the EU to target anyone helping circumvent sanctions imposed on Belarusian individuals and entities.

The proposed measures require the backing of all member states to be approved. The EU is also working on a 10th package of sanctions targeting Russia, as well as a price cap on Russia petroleum products and aims to adopt both before an embargo kicks in next week.

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