(Bloomberg) -- The European Union will seek to boost its defense capabilities in response to a more hostile global environment as the bloc’s 27 governments start to define the political direction for the coming years.

“We will strengthen our defence readiness and develop the European defence technological and industrial base, including with more investments,” according to the draft of the declaration EU leaders will discuss in Granada, Spain, next week and seen by Bloomberg News.

Defense is becoming one of the most pressing priorities for member states as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought war to its gates and the possible return of Donald Trump to the White House could hamper military cooperation.

EU leaders are trying to forge a joint path on issues including migration or competitiveness as Ukraine’s accession process to the EU has reinvigorated the enlargement of the bloc while some member states would want to keep deepening the Union in areas including defense or the economy.

The draft declaration, still subject to changes, says that “enlargement will enhance our European sovereignty and is a geo-strategic investment in peace, security, stability and prosperity on our continent.” And adds that the Union should undertake “the necessary internal groundwork”  in regards to its priorities, decision making-process and common budget.

The text also says that the EU will reduce dependencies in areas where it needs to build “a minimum level of capacity to guarantee its economic and social welfare – such as digital technologies, critical medicines and food.”

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