(Bloomberg) -- Much of Europe is set for a cold snap next week, raising energy demand as the heating season draws to a close.

After a period of mild weather this week, temperatures in London are expected to fall 5.3 C below the seasonal average on Monday, with Paris 5.1 C below the norm and Oslo 7 C, forecaster Maxar Technologies Inc. said in a daily note.

The colder weather comes at the end of a mild winter that’s helped Europe avoid the worst effects of an energy crunch and kept its gas storage topped up.

The Nordic region will experience icy weather next week, while the Iberian peninsula will remain mild.

For the region as a whole next week, Maxar sees a total of 58.3 heating-degree days — a measure of the energy needed to heat homes. That’s slightly above the 10-year and 30-year average.

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