OTTAWA -- Employer and labour groups say the Trudeau Liberals aren't planning to roll out any new workplace impairment rules for federally-regulated workers once cannabis is legalized next week.

Employers on the federally-struck committee wanted new labour code rules to provide detailed guidance to businesses on their and their employees' responsibilities after legalization.


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    A joint employer-worker group spent the last two years debating potential changes to the federal labour code, but ended up split over whether to allow for mandatory drug and alcohol testing starting Oct. 17.

    Private sector employers say they are frustrated the Liberals haven't given a meaningful response to concerns about an increased workplace safety risk once cannabis is legalized.

    Labour groups say existing labour code rules around impairment should suffice unless there is ample evidence that workers are showing up high and creating a safety risk.

    The Liberals appear ready instead to focus efforts on education and awareness campaigns, details of which federal officials are expected to outline today.

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